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  1. This is a Mod pack for Lineage. Works with all official/unofficial Lineage 2 servers (after IP change in L2.ini) , not possible to be discovered by GM. Works only on Interlude (C6) - New textures - Fast load mod - added new aliases to popular commands - Added new commands - Changed key settings - Drop Patch pro (x2 rates) LOT of informations - Aggro Patch - Game guard turned off - Other Installation: 1. Install game 2. Install your server patches 3. Copy files from patch to Lineage2 folder 4. Change IP in L2.ini using l2enc (if you don`t know how to do it, d
  2. There are a couple different ways to get the IP address of lineage2 servers for L2Walker: 1 Using a port moniter (which will show which process is connected to what IP Address and on what port.) Look for the lineage2.exe process and then see what IP you are connected to from that process. (After connecting to server) 2 Windows users: Start > run > CMD > netstat -n This will show you all the IP's you're connected to and on what port. 3 Pinging the DNS i.e.: If I wanted to get the IP address of yahoo.com I would simply do the following: Start > Run