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  1. Hello everyone, I offer my service, Updater for your servers. Price list for updater prices: * Updater with developer design - $ 30 * Updater with customer's design - $ 20 A few screenshots made by me by the updaters. P \ s: All designs are on updaters, from customers. Telegram: https://t.me/La2open_Info Photo Upd: https://ibb.co/k8j6Tx8 https://ibb.co/0ZfjN4K https://ibb.co/TW5BCph https://ibb.co/wLxcCRf
  2. For forum users, being a 10% reduction per promo code: maxcheaters
  3. Hello everybody!!! We invite you to announce the servers. https://en.la2open.info Also, we invite streamers to our announcement. Thank you for attention.