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  1. Hello. I need a soft or method to run a lot of game clients on server with smartguard. HWID spoofer doesn't work (SG detects that windows PatchGuard is disabled). Any method. Thanks.
  2. That's not true, I have several regular customers during last 5 mounthes and no 1 was banned. The problem is you don't know how to deliver adena without any suspicious :))
  3. Hi guys. If you need adena on L2Reborn - contact me. Skype - bahaha4283 Discord - Deadly4283#5756 Price: 1kk for 1€ or 1.2$ 100kk in stock If you want, we can use middleman!
  4. Hi guys, could someone try to help me pls? I using EmuRT rev.10 project, High Five. Trying to set my own server and have a problem with Last Hero event. Chars regs, teleports, waint for 1 min and FIGHT. But no attack allowed. Anybody can only use skills. I thought this is connected with "TeamType" (all characters have blue aura when LH started), cause when I delete this aura, characters can attack each other. But in this case event is brokes and no winner is appointed, just "Event Last Hero is ended" without winner. Thanks! LastHero.java