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  1. Important links: - Website - Register - Board Server rates: Solo experience: x5 Group experience: x5 Experience from quests: x5 Experience from gathering/essencetapping: x2 Kinah: x3 Kinah from quests: x4 Drop: x5 Abyss points from PvP: x3 Abyss points from PvE: x3 Craft critical chance: 35% About us: Differences to GF: - No Gold Packs; - Eight characters per account; - No limit sales; - No accounts VIP / Premium; - No Pay2Win / Item Shop tailored to your needs; - The same installment for all; - Two master-professions per character; - Three expert-professions per character; - Level-Up Rewards; - Veteran Rewards (each character with 65 lv.); instances: - Recovery time instance if you have a Gold Pack. - Double the number of tickets at the arena. Siege: - Increased number of GP regulars on the siege. Invasion: - Provided rewards for the groups involved in the invasion. Rifts: -Daily slots available to all. Dredgions: - Dregiony at fixed times, adapted in order not to interfere with other terms. Events: - Many events with interesting rewards. Option Vote for Coins: - You do not have to spend moneys, vote for our server, earn AC !.