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  1. Shoppyshop is not mine - The only time i logged on your dead server was to sell items - Can't read IPs correctly? The draconic and Saint spear was JB's, he gave it to me so i just gave him back, you're plain stupid my friend. Still haven't found the antharas ? added item? yeah can't do that i suppose. Also still got 3 accounts full of adenas, do not see them on this list. And you missed my prophet as well. As for the scam and fraud you may say whatever you want for the dumbasses around there, but these charges can't hold. Not to mention, nowhere on your god damn rules is any
  2. As usual 2 weeks late China, keep up the good work ! You wish you had possession on stackable items now, don't you. See ya worst admin on earth.
  3. ======== Selling ======== ----- Adenas ----- Lowest price around, pm me - Big Sales before my adenas reserve is banned - They can't track owners on stacked items. Also ChinaTown is a loser