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  1. i don't like the default one,all grey texts,the one i want to use is customized,buffs green,hits red,potions orange,avoid white etc...on CT1 i can use systemmsg-e IL but on CT1.5...i dunno what to edit in the file :S
  2. Hi Everyone I Have a question; I Want to use a systemmsg-e INTERLUDE on a Kamael Server i'm playing...i tryed just by replacing it and i get a critical error while launching game,can someone tell me what to do? Waiting for replies,any help is appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone,i created my own server to play with my real life friends for fun,i wanted to know 2 things.. 1)how can i modify stats of weapons/armors? 2)how to change weapon's grade (example : i want to put No grade weapon's (Monster's Weapons) To S grade..dunno how to do it 3)I Want to modify my env.int file,but don't remember what header version i must save it as... 4)How to increase Buffs Slots Limit? 5)How to increase Mana Pots power from 200 to 1000? The Server is L2j Interlude Thanks In advance