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  1. update: prices are lowered, if you asked before and didn't like it - ask again =) also - we can sell chars for adena
  2. we never botted and our chars and equip is legit. whining about RMT at RMT forum, typical non-Russian ;)
  3. like was said before, we reported and petitioned only 1 bot. If you have any proofs of scamming/petitioning sold characters from me, please share, because there is none.
  4. Support: 9) BD 60, all necessary dances, Hex, +12 CON, on the same account - Temple Knight lvl 40+ for AQ +12 CON, All naked CH in Giran for adena ONLY: PM with offers in adena pm here for prices or add me in skype: whydidievenstartedtoplay 13) SE 60+ SOLD 14) SE 55+ SOLD 15) Necro 52+ SOLD 16) WL 54 SOLD 2) Spoiler 61, +12 DEX, can spoil up to 10kk per day, Sorc 40 for AQ +12 WIT, SOLD 11) BP 60, +12 WIT (res 75%), all skills learned, SOLD 8) PP 59, DW, Haste and all the buffs of its level. +8 WIT +4 CON SOLD 10) SwS 60,6, all necessary songs,
  5. Selling at EU Skelth: WL 54,90 naked. We can provide Composite set and Bec de Corbin for him at additional price. Short nick, perfect reputation. Broad Sweep learned. Adena 3$ for 1kk also: Exclusive: CH in Giran with clan lvl 3 and 6% of EXP Sieges coming soon, don't miss your chance to get the best CH for the action. PayPal only. PM here at forum or send me your skype, taking offers to get the best price.