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  1. Rogue Lv.27 with Gastraphetes Bow (Top D Slow) 20$ with 1 month subscription!!!
  2. I can sell the bow and get more than 10$ from the adena.
  3. Rogue lv. 27 with Gastraphetes Bow!! (top D slow) 28$!!!! PM for more info!
  4. Rogue Lv.27 -Gastraphetes Bow (Top Slow D-Grade) -Moon Set -50k gold. PAID 1 MONTH!!!! PM/OFFER!!! CHEAP!!
  5. Rogue Lv. 27 - Moon Set - Top D Bow (slow) (Gastraphetes) Pm me for info / offers!
  6. Trusted!!! Very quick, and friendly!
  7. Account: Main - Spellhowler Lv.80 Subs - Sagittarius Lv.78 - Cardinal Lv.76 - Treasure Hunter Lv. 50 *With Nobless Gear: Majestic Light Set +4+3+3+3 Dark Crystal Robe Set Tat Set +4+3+3+3+3 Draconic Bow + Focus Arcana Mace + Acumen Aditionals: Tat Earring, Tat Ring, Cry Red 12, Cry Green 12, Carnage Bow, Tallum Blade, x2 NM shields PM me with offers!