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  1. then all alike servers, because the dance with the I2 seem l2panic, which looks like many others. I'm looking for players and fun for everyone and I see that this setting attracts enough then I'm sorry I can not help it if you think bad.
  2. All pvp servers, are similar.If you think so l2dance, it is exactly how l2panic and many others.
  3. General Information Grand Opening: 31 October 15:00 GMT-3 Interlude PvP Server Exp: 500x Sp: 500x Adena: 500x Noblesse: Killing Barakiel Sub Class : Free AIOxBuffer System NPC Buffer Buff slots: 32 + 4 slots (Divine Inspiration) Buff time: 2 hours. No Argument Skills Sieges Awarded Wedding System Olympiads: 14 Days Sieges: 7 Days Rates Enchants All Epics Boss Level 80. Drop Crystal Enchant 100% Safe Enchant +7. Max. Enchant +20. Chance Scroll Normal: 60%. Chance Scroll Blessed: 85%. Other Informations TT-DK-DY (SAME STATS) / Mask