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  1. 24 hours until Azure 15x Server goes live. Grand Opening tomorrow at 20:00 GMT+3
  2. Hello guys, Open Beta will be launched tomorrow on 25 August GMT+3 and last until 03 September. Open Beta Features · .menu - command in game ( stop exp/sp, jointvt, stop chat, Faq ) · AutolearnSkills · TVT Event every hour · Beta Box (contains 1kkk adena, 10k donation/tvt/vote coins) · Starter Pack (No Grade weapon/set/jewels, soe to giran) RATES: (Live rates) · Exp 15x · SP 15x · Drop 8x · Spoil 5x (Materials 3x amount, 1x chance) · Adena 10x · SealStones 8x · RB 4x, 1x amount
  3. I would like de present you our new TVT Event. New Map: TVT Buffer
  4. I said in my previous post that we had big problems at start. That "end" you are talking about was in first 2 weeks, after file transfer almost all problems were fixed.
  5. In few words i'll explain you what happened, why we chose to wipe Azure 15x server and how things will be in the future. Sincerely i tell you that on our first server we had some big problems whitch we didn't found on beta test. Those problems were because of file pack that we used. After 2 weeks from start we bought a new file pack and reworked it from scratch. Now 95% of problems are fixed. Despite of all problems that we had, we've reached 1500+ online but ppl started to leave rapidly and was normal because they wanted a server without bugs. On Season 2 there will be no wipe. In the di
  6. Hello guys, Welcome to Lineage 2 Azure: We plan to launch on 04 September. Here you can find full description and how to connect in our server. Planned Schedule: Open BETA: 25 August GMT+3 Grand Opening: 04 September GMT+3 Official Links: http://lineage2azure.com/promo/ http://forum.lineage2azure.com/ https://www.facebook...zurecom?fref=ts http://www.twitch.tv/lineage2azure Azure 15x Rates: · XP: 15x · SP: 15x · ADENA: 10x ADENA DROP RATE: 70% · DROP: 8x · RB: 4x, amount 1x · SPOIL: 5x Materials: 3x Max - Amount, 1x