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  1. WTS epics set: -AQ -Baium SOLD -Tezza -Antharas SOLD -Orfen +Dynasty heavy set for tank essence lvl 1, 60 attri (water,fire,wind,earth,holy) +14 GCM +afro hair and rabbit ears I'm a trustworthy seller, I've already made 9 treades with 5 players on this server - I sell fast and for the best prices! :)\ SPECIAL PRICES IF YOU'LL TAKE EVERYTHING IN ONE PACK!
  2. Selling items on Raidfight GF x4: Tezza IC set MA set Icarus bow GC & GCM Duals S+4 pm offers -------------------------------------------------------------------- Already made treade with: Lagg3r, clemente and more
  3. Selling Antharas earring on Raidfight x4 Gracia final. Pm offers. Sold