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  1. Hello this looks great but I'm only looking for the file to use skills of 2nd bar on numbers. @Celestine any tips ? Thanks cheers
  2. change the refresh to a random name? i have this on script: function SetForegroundWindow(hwnd: integer) : Boolean; stdcall; external 'user32.dll'; function captcha:boolean; begin if engine.dlgtext.contains('Refresh') or engine.dlgtext.contains('Captcha') or engine.dlgtext.contains('60 seconds') or engine.dlgtext.contains('Bot') then begin SetForegroundWindow(Engine.GameWindow); PlaySound(exepath+'\sounds\'+'PlayerAlarm'+'.wav'); delay(500); StopSound; end; end; begin while true do begin delay(300); captcha(); end; end. when i said it didnt work i meant it didnt entered the captcha by it self What i have to do?
  3. Hey guys i have puted the script shared but it didnt work. Iam doing anything wrong? I found some dude sharing this, its his script for captcha but i tryed to put it but i get some error. Anyone can help me how to write this guy script on the bot language? Thanks in advance !
  4. Hey guys i'd like to know how i can remove some skills animations to have smoother gameplay on mass pvps. I know i have to edit with file editor but not sure what to do. For example i wanna take animation of Aura flash heres the ID 1417 5 1 0 69 4294967295 1 1.00000000 1 K 1231 icon.skill1417 0 0 0 a,none\0 0 9 11 0 a,none\0 What i have to do/remove to take off the animation? Thanks !