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  1. Hi Tessa, I need Lindvior too. How do i contact Mobius? Thanks!
  2. Dear All, I downloaded the svn files on L2europa and successfully ran the server. However, i do not know how do i Enable all skills (set all skills = true) based on the files downloaded : Can anyone kind enough to help me out with this issue, based on the svn codes downloaded from the link above? Many thanks.
  3. Hi guys, i went L2Jeuropa to download the system folder, however the link is broken. Anywhere or anyone willing to share god Days of Glory system folder (protocol 488) orany other protocols for GoD - Glory days ? Thanks alot. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, Anyone know where can i get these files? I wanted to develop my own server but could not find any GoD server/datapack files. Thanks.