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  1. [Hidden post: You need to reply to this topic to see it.] I want to see this :)
  2. nice!gg man :D passwrd Lineage2 is incorrect :( sry password: lineage2 with lower case is correct
  3. LoginServerIP= LoginServerPort=2190 ProtocolVersion=656 ServerList=[01]l2hobby; 21:21:16 Link LoginServer Succeed. 21:21:16 Packet Error ... 21:21:16 ->Login LoginServer Fail. pls help me, igbot work fine but og cant connect with right settings: loginserverport and ip
  4. [DEFAULT] CountryList=l2hobby; DefaultCountry=0 DefaultServer=0 DefaultCharacter=0 DefaultAccount= DefaultPassWord= [l2hobby] LoginServerIP= LoginServerPort=2190 ProtocolVersion=656 ServerList=[01]l2hobby; [Options] Title=L2Walker 10.7.2 Server=l2hobby Token=5F3B352E5D39342D33313D3D2D257854215E5B24 OffSet=$005374A4 GMFix=1 Rename=1 11:50:22 WP v5.06F © Sauron 11:50:22 Link LoginServer Succeed. 11:50:22 ->Login LoginServer Fail.