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  1. One of the best Valiance PvP server out there. Join us! ;)
  2. lol. We average 300/400 players. It's been growing well over the past month! :)
  3. We are as close to the official servers as possible with the formulas as far as I know.
  4. Stream now stable (online all the time) and smooth, check it out! :)
  5. Our twitch channel is now live! watch Yiana 24/7 from our website. ;)
  6. Thank you folks :) We are looking for someone to stream Yiana. More info.
  7. Our stream is ON for the next few hours. Watch Yiana live from our Home page!
  8. Stable. Plenty of players. Latest version of the game. Join us! :)
  9. Averaging 300 players in evenings. Join us! :)
  10. Some screenshots... :) 250+ online tonight. ;)
  11. Another fool that was banned for botting at first and then completely banned for being... insane. Don't hate! Jynx is only doing his job. :( This thread is a duplicate by the way. But thank you very much for posting about our server Karol. :)
  12. The undeniable proof that Yiana is a PvP server. They're starting early. 7AM CET.