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  1. very good server,and the custom items are awesome !!! GG
  2. you have a amazing server and custom items ,very nice dude gg
  3. if He pay 1 month to test the server i thinck this server will be long time open,Is Good Server Guys ,Give a chance and try it .
  4. 2 hours guys and will be open :D :D :D :D
  5. 2 hours until grand opening , :D :D :D
  6. guys try the server and after tell them ur opinion,i m 100% sure u will like the servers. :P
  7. manny haters here evo,ignore them :)
  8. He have right :D the L2 Evo is awesome and have a very good community and the admins are very very nice and all time online :)
  9. hehe +100 online GG i m one of them :) tomorow will be more than +200 "wish u goodluck": )
  10. every time ur servers become better and better keep like this evo .congr :P
  11. GG mate :P u put a lot of money in ur server GG
  12. Finally a good server !!!!! ome here guys,is new server with almost 200 players online ,if u need help pm LorD
  13. i thinck this is one of the best servers actualy,very nice server evo ,GG