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  1. Website updated http://l2.darknessvoice.com/website/index.php
  2. I Hope i'm not the only one who's willing to play again in such a server :-X
  3. Thanks for Sugestion but the server already mad O0
  4. the server is already in use Reopening withadevertising expert help
  5. well the server is mad for the players who had enjoyed dnet c4-c6 time but i think (there are no longer such player ) only pvp kids :-X
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/?upbx316w6dz56pm the download link
  7. We are woking on the Poitions but it may take a little time cause we are rework in it from scratch , btw Good Point of view especially this one :D
  8. Well we are consedring everything you said and we double checked it ... Custom tattoos and pots are in process we may add something such this ;) i"m just taking sugestions , we may found something intersting
  9. thanks for suggestion Bro it already take care of :p
  10. 2 add some weight rechecked and tested it in pvp :D ; yes we have antibot system ..
  11. thanks man O0 - mana potion increase 200 with 20 sec reuse you can combine it with other pot with 100 in 20 sec reuse max mp 300 in 20 sec - You need books to learne skills , buffes time 20 min , songs and dance 2 min
  12. :not bad: -well i mean by balanced classe there is no Overpowred Classes - npc buffer wull never exist neither aio buffer -3rd yes ex dragon network player , was the best server i played in till hellbound >.<
  13. Dedicated Info! * CPU: 2x i7 990x (12 cores) * RAM: 32 GB DDRIII 2133 ECC Memory * HD: 120x3 SSD Hard Drive! * BW: 1000 Mbps * GR: 40 mb/s minium conection for international people. * Host Location : Europe. Here is a link where you can learn some geography i think you'll need it :troll: http://www.ehow.com/how_2092128_learn-geography-online.html
  14. Hello MXC L2 Darknessvoice is a low/mid rate server using the stucksub classe system (main+1) with a fully balanced classes (all skills reworked and tested) - you need to kill golkonda to add a subclasse -buffs slot 20 +4 -debuff slot 6 cast only -buffs time 20 - the server is using craft system you can find untill c grad weap in shop (no costume gmshop or buffer) -verry active staff -1st and 2nd classe items are in shop (or you can add in classe master for a little more a-beep-t of adena ) -you need to kill a boss (Golkonda) to add subclasse Server Rates! * Exper
  15. Your apllying only for high rate server 1000x +++ and u said fail from the begining o-o i think your nog good enought for that kind of servers