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  1. Brooch lv. 3 22 euro Emi bow +10 13 euro Also can sell whole account ARCHER 71 almost 72: 60 euro for more info pm. PayPal or allegro.
  2. WTS: Account with Feoh Sts 107/103 dual. Char is prepare for afk pve game. Everything you can see on foto: https://imgur.com/a/gv5l3mE 100$ only PayPal For info pm
  3. and where i want to scam you? i have WROTE 1st paypal after items i really dont care any Puffas or other if u wont buy like i wrote on topic just go out kid..
  4. I told you, dont know any pufas and i wont give items to unknow ppl.. if you are BLIND, becouse i wrote "NO EUROS IN MY PAYPAL, NO ITEMS FOR YOU!!" its not my problem and stop call me scammer.
  5. Another dreamer, who think 1st items after "money". If u want pm me like this idiot dont waste my time
  6. Sell Feoh with items or naked or only items. Items like on screen https://imgur.com/a/iIoa8Jg Whole account with items 1.5k euro. Paypal only or if You are from Poland we can talk more: Pve retri+14 ulty set robe lv1 +8 bless valakas bless antharas lindvior earring Coc belt Noble wizz circlet+5 aq,baium soul rings longing sayha 7 abu lv1 Around 35b in inventory ........ and many more. Or pm here on forum. SCAMMERS DON'T EVEN TRY, NO EUROS IN MY PAYPAL, NO ITEMS FOR YOU!!!
  7. http://imgur.com/a/w5shM http://imgur.com/a/w5shM char is naked but with brooches and pve belt -7% many chars for zaken , freya char for anakim proper prepare lilith proper prepare baium proper prepare and ofc ANTHARAS inst !!!!
  8. http://imgur.com/a/4xiuF for more info priv !!! 160E price
  9. Wts 12kkk adena on CORE 1b= 23e or 100 pln
  10. http://allegro.pl/show_item.php?item=6067324387
  11. http://imgur.com/6WJV78P EQ http://imgur.com/sx6yTay Chamion select http://imgur.com/dD65pS0 Main http://imgur.com/a/YqdFg Dual , WH for more info priv. po wiecej info priv.
  12. http://allegro.pl/feoh-sps-99-15ap-i-50-95-yull-core-i5420937762.html po wiecej info call: 502 653 019