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  1. Hi stalone/stalone crew :) Registered yesterday, 1 post only here ... and currently viewing l2tales topic ... haha
  2. No it's because we have brains and we don't feed stalone :) just because you don't seem to have a clue about that says enough ;)
  3. Damn dumb owners, they ban me for talking about their ddos protection (it's ddos guard) while i didnt even say anything bad :D wtf is wrong with these pussies? They don't know its easy to trace IP with netstat -n and do a fcking tracert?
  4. Hahahahahaha. Kind of funny because everybody who will enter the event will hopefully grow some brains and read what this server is actually all about...
  5. By playing on stalone servers you just support his cause... more players on his servers = more donations = more ddos on others = more destruction in private server scene :) GG for not having brains :)
  6. LF option for x99, with max low S grade in shop... like mid rates but faster experience for more pvp Sick of x20-30 midrates now, everytime the slow grinding again is boring but the rest of the experience is cool :)
  7. Lol, l2pow down because of heavy ddos and in between player logs to promote this shit server. Wake up people and stop feeding this idiot...
  8. ccu@cybercrimeunit.gov.gr cybercrimeunit@hellenicpolice.gr Go for these for stalone... im sure once they go check bankaccounts etc they will find enough shit... You guys (i mean server owners) should get logs from attacks, combine them and send as package :)
  9. If it's used without your permission, then *double facepalm* cuz it means 2 people who don't know that the dragon isn't lineage2 :D Servers with websites designs that are related to different game tells enough about the owner...
  10. No matter who made the website... its only 2 images (background + menu) and a logo, one of the pics is not even Lineage 2 related and its 95% stolen.... *facepalm*