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  1. Spoke to him on Skype - I did not pay him since it's obvious he's a scammer. Beware.
  2. WTS: Blessed Eternal Leather Armor (only main part) +4, 120*3 attribute = 180€ 170€ 160€ 150€ Baium ring +5 = 100€ SOLD Queen Ant +6 = 90€ SOLD Istina earring +4 = 70€ SOLD Hunter talisman = 85€ SOLD Sword of Miracles +16 = Taking offers Dynasty bow+focus+foundation+16 = Taking offers I've never sold anything on here before but my credibility as a buyer is good if you look at my previous posts(p.s. and also from selling the other items as you can see in this thread). If this is not enough for you to trust me then don't bother because I will not give first :)
  3. Bought adena and homu+7, really fast, no problems at all and delivered as promised. Recommended.
  4. WTS: Baium ring +5 AQ ring +6 Istina earring +4 Frintezza necklace +6 Blessed eternal leather armor +4 (3*120) (only armor, not set) Talisman hunter Only offer please