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  1. you cannot use more than 5 dual boxes.
  2. When u will open a server then we will talk about whos crap,tnx you. gl anyway
  3. Ofc no,be serius,but i will not take them before a week or more,i dont 100% know if we will have any problem before the grand opening,you know that the protections costs at least 400 dollars for a month,im not gonna "lose" a week or a half week from the time that my server is online for me and my team only. P.S Hope you know what i mean.
  4. The only 1 fail here is your troll comment,why should i have rdy the ddos protections?my server is not online yet.
  5. Could you explain me about this "another fail"? Server doesnt opened yet and 2-3 guys has already start the spam,whats the point by doing this annoying things,anyway im waiting an answer from you "sese4ever",tnx you.
  6. Can you look up what did i wrote before?
  7. True,im gonna edit my new topic in some minutes.
  8. Its not i "build" them its about im testing them. also wrong words type has been fixed,ty
  9. First of all we would like to give you some informations about us. Our team is experienced in developing, administrating and in managing of Lineage II Server`s. We all have been Lineage II Player for many years and we still are Lineage II Lovers. This is the reason why we decided to start this Project. * Experience: 1000 * Expexperience: 1000 * Party Experience: 1000 * Party Spexperience: 1000 * Adena: 5000 * Consumable Cost: 1 * Drop Item Karma: 10 * Drop Seal Stones: 1 * Drop Spoil: 1 * Drop Manor: 1 * Safe Enchant: +4 * Weapon M