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  1. Sonic did u are from germany`?
  2. Server Information - Interlude PvP No Custom! Server is really Fresh. Opened 03.06.2012 --+ Server Rates +-- Exp: 1000x / Sp: 1000x / Adena: 1000x Items: 1x / Spoil: 1x / Drop: 1x --+ Enchant +-- Safe:3 *Max Enchant 18 Normal scroll: 75% from 5-15 Blessed scroll: 100% from 1-15 Crystall Scroll: 100% from 1-18 So you can make over enchant to maximum enchant only with Crystal scrolls. You can find them on raid boss or special events. Server is ONLINE! but on 2012.06.05-18.00h GMT+2 Admin will make some Updates! --+ Special Features +--
  3. Welcome to L2Demacia Features Rates: Xp: 1000x Sp: 1000x Party Xp: 1x Party Sp: 1x Adena: 1x Drop: 1x No Costum Armors Etc. Armors Until Vesper! Enchant: Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +14/+12 Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 55% Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 67% Crystal Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%(2 Enchants more) Max Attribute Level: lvl 4 General: Dedicated 26 slots for Buff Skills Dedicated 16 slots for Dance/Song Skills Max subclass: 4 2 Hours Buffs Auto TvT Event Auto CtF Event Custom Farm Areas Custom PvP Are
  4. Maybe its not my sevrer i just advertise it.... :D
  5. » Server Rates (2012 05 12) Auto Create Account Exp Rate: x500 Sp Rate: x500 Drop Rate: x100 Enchant Information Safe Enchant: 4 Max Weapon: 16 Max Armor: 16 Enchant Rate: 70% Blessed Enchant Weapon: 100% Blessed Enchant Armor: 100% Attribute & Augment Information Attribute Enchant Rate Stone: 70% Attribute Enchant Rate Crystal: 100% Augment Top-Grade Life Stone Enchant Rate: 100% Farm Zone's Farm & Level Zone Information Level Up Zone & Farm Zone(low) Safe Farm Zone PvP/Pk Far
  6. AMAZING SERVER!!! Nice featurs dude, i will join for sure with my friends.! see ya in game
  7. Opening 12:00 25/05/2012 GMT-5 "TODAY" CLIENT: Interlude SERVER RATES: - 800x xp / sp - 1200x party xp / sp - 1000x adena - 1x drop / spoil / manor - 10x raid / grand boss (customized) SERVER FEATURES: - Buff Shop - Offline Shop - SubStack (main+1; including retails; NO stacking passives) - Auto Events (every hour) - Simple Farming - No Custom Wearables - Level Monster (gremlin) - Buff Times 2 Hours - 36 Buffs Slots (3 bars; including divine inspiration) - Simple Currency - Olympiad 100% - Noblesse Item in Shop - Wedding System (same sex marri
  8. when server will be online?
  9. L2 Freya PvP server Exp: 500x Sp: 500x Party: 2x Adena:10x Drop: 10x Enchant system Safe 4 Max 16 Normal Enchant 70% Blessed 80% Divine 100% Atribute Max 4lv Custom Npc Server Info PvP/Pk Informer Gk Global Gm Shop Special Gm Shop (Elegia+Vorpal) No Custom items in Server Custom Buffer (Full buff No limit/No kamael-dance of berserker Zones Lv up zone Custom Farm area (Giran Harbor) Special Raid 2 Special Mobs with good Drop Farm is not hard GC/Gcm Drop is good Easy Skill Enchant Good PvP/Balance