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  1. Selling my items in L2Cleaver (With my account Dominator lvl 80 nobless + Sub SPS lvl 80 with max % or with out) Items: Full Major arcana set +4/ +3 Full Tallum robe set +3 Full Imperial Crusader set +3 (With shield) Full x2 Dark crystal robe sets +4/ +3 x2 Arcane mace's +3 (If buying with account with good auguments) Draconic bow +2 (If buying with account with good augument) Angel slayer (If buying with account with good augument) Branch of the mother tree +3 (If buying with account with good augument) All best olympiad buffing staffs ( SOES focus and BTB, Spirite staff) 66 Book
  2. Plat V, going up fast... boosting new acc
  3. Selling items in L2World: 1kkk = 1 $, Full Moirai Foundation set +6 full atributed, Zaken earring +6 Ring of queen ant +6 Frintezza +6 1kkk Olympiad tokens Shirt +8, Belt pvp physical attack +6 Soul cloak of freya Dynasty Crusher +7 300 atributed Skype : Mu_World