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  1. I´ll never forget these words I learned in this forum: CORRUPTION , MY FRIEND......CORRUPTION....... Signed: eKoice. You can ban me, or delete this post: that should mean I´m in the right side Pandolextra1: try to use the "Make a donation" Button, that sure should work.
  2. One person that understands the meaning of hide! So.... good bye, I wont make spam (like all the people are here doing)to get the necesary(¿¿¿???)posts to see the hiden posts. The see the end of the legend of Maxbastards.........was the best free forum....I say this with all my respect.....really was an honour be registereded in this forum. Grats.
  3. Sorry man, I didn´t post too much here, cause i´m a noob. I never want to bother, with stupid questions, or wrong or old cheats, Cause that I have a few posts here. But I´m registered in this forum. It´s your forum, and u can make what you want, I won´t discuss this... But I think, if im registered I should can read all the posts, only cause i´m registered. But ,one thing its true, it´s your forum, and you can implement the system, you want. Sory but is what I think....
  4. I didn´t tried yet, in but other programs like this, u have to push shift+attack, then a window apperas. I can´t try cause in my server there is that option. Thanks mastropos. (but the autocrafter is only spam)
  5. Then sorry man but, I think, nothing is usefull for u here now. I find it usefull, cause I dont have to buy something to find it´s ID, or very usefull to get a skill, in example. I´m a noob, and this is usefull, specially for me. Thank´s
  6. You go to Hardins academy, and ask to the npc to tell you more about the enchant skills. She would say where are all the nps for enchant skilles for all the classes.
  7. Sorry for flood, Im a noob ( and that´s true) But it´s the best and really answer, after reading all forums in a thousand of years. Ekoice, can I use this answer in my sign in other forum? I´m a fuc-Beep-ng noob, i know that.... cause i dont write here. Sorry for the flood, but i have to ask.