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  1. Hello (Server SAGA H5 x50) Armors: Vesper Noble Heavy set (MW) +6 - 900att Vesper Noble Roba set (MW) +6 - 1100att Vesper Noble Light set +4 - 300att Weapons: Feather Eye Blade +10 Focus - (300att) Veniplant +10 Acument - (300att) Skull dual dagger +10 - (300att) Jewellery: 1x Tezza necklaces 2x Zakken earrings 3x Zakken cloaks Xx Vorpal jewelrys And some trash PM ME for discord.
  2. Really men ?....... SCAMER (Jonas Mazutauskas / mezzo15987@gmail.com)
  3. Hello i WTS this acc on server Valhalla-Age x5 Warlord 62 lvl with all acc info. Items: Orcish Poleaxe +3 Critical Stun Full Plate Set Valhalla Club Card - gives PP and SE buffs for free 60mins 15 days + Rune 35% EXP 15 days Pm me. Price (20eu).
  4. [WTB] L2Warland (Wb Jewls, S - Oe Weapons, Gold)

  5. Adena, TOD A/S items on L2eu.com (Nanna x75) Thx. Pm me. CLOSED PLEASE ! I have all what I need. THX
  6. Hello i sell now GOLD's on server L2Warland pm me how much need and price. Thx.
  7. Hello I want to buy [adena / items / etc... on Czech server Dark Elmore 25x IN) Thx for offer.
  8. GoodJob.GM I did not think so. When there was a write such a crap. :)
  9. I brought several things from this seller. And all is fine. I highly RECOMMANDED. ! Thx u again.