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  1. Try every exploit you've ever known and report here if you can get some to work :). GL.
  2. >Chronicle 5 LIVE - L2OFF Third L2OFF based Chronicle 5 Server out there currently. >High Rate: x35/x35/x200 #99% Uptime #100% Lagfree #Friendly GMs #Awesome Devs #Great SupportTeam >Full C5 Contents: #Mobs #Areas #Skills #Armors #Quests #C5 Bosses #C5 Client #Hero Skills #Retail Olympiad #Weapons & all C5 SAs #Castles: Rune/Schuttgart >All Other C4 Retail Features working as C5. >Unique add-ons #Custom GM shops #No clan penalties #24/7 Olympiad Games #Special Dungeon System #Unique Class balancing
  3. its written in pascal. learn pascal and you will understand the scripting. btw, 95% servers should have this patched and another exploit which is even uglier bug of l2server off - also does pretty much same thing.. Noone's safe. there's a lot of l2server bugs - so easy to exploit - if any of us devs turned to the dark side and started sharing all exploit we ourselves know - every server will close down. It's pretty much a miracle and blessing from god for the server owners that we dont do so - anyways.. maybe because there's no fun exploiting using tools which lets u click n'
  4. fix for this exploit was already shared. useless exploit now. find something new.