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a Big Help...!!!


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I want to learn these programing languages: C++ , Java and HTML


so i want to buy books or CDs or smthing like that or maybe i will go to watch lessons


I want your opinion. Or you can give me a site that i can find these languages with good details

and with examples to learn them fast

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thnx a lot!!!!!!!! love u(i am not gay :@)


and something more what programmin languages do i need for creating games??

because i want to craete a game like supermario but i want to do it alone without any program help..



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what that means???


If you're on a shared system at a university or an Internet service provider, there's a good chance Java is already installed. Ask your local support staff how to access it. Otherwise follow these instructions.


The Unix release is a compressed tar file. You will need about nine megabytes of disk space to uncompress and untar the JDK. Double that would be very helpful. You do this with the commands:



% uncompress JDK-1_0_2-solaris2-sparc.tar.Z

% tar xvf JDK-1_0_2-solaris2-sparc.tar


The exact file name may be a little different if you�re retrieving the release for a different platform such as Irix or if the version is different. You can untar it in your home directory, or, if you have root privileges, in some convenient place like /usr/local where all users can have access to the files. However root privileges are not necessary to install or run Java. Untarring the file creates all necessary directories and sub-directories. The exact path is unimportant, but for simplicity's sake this book assumes it�s installed it in /usr/local. If a sysop already installed it, this is probably where it lives. (Under Solaris it's also possible the sysop put it into /opt.) If this is the case the files live in /usr/local/java. If you unpacked it somewhere else, just replace /usr/local by the full path to the java directory in what follows. If you installed it in your home directory, you can use ~/java and ~/hotjava instead of a full path.


I find java in WINDOWS of C: but there isnt anything inside.. what i have to do??


damn its hard i think i need to watch lessons :S



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