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Gracia finall x1000 PvP Server no bugs


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Hey guys I play on a very nice server that is close to the majority of l2 pvp servers :D

But i asure u.. no custom sh1t and 3k dmg from archers -.-

Its a balanced server 95% the other 5% is becouse the server got finall and the gm's are stil working on some things..

so here it is..



[glow=red,2,300][/glow]Addicts PvP Server


Rates : XP 1000x SP Adena 1000x

Npc Buffer. All buffs included.

2h Buffs. LVL 81 skills

GM-Shop - S80 Weapons&Armors

Global Gatekeeper

Custom Farm Zone with Coin Drop

Nobless quest item in gmshop. Coins Exchange.

Weekly Olympiad.

Enchant : Safe 3, Max 16

Simple scrolls 72 %

Blessed scrolls 78 %

Gracia part Final armors/weapons(VESPER)

NPC buff,Limited slots:26 buffs,dance/song 14


Its the kind of server i wanted to find for 3 months...

When u join pm Glomer :)

Cya there

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