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[L2J] CzechGamers FREYA 8X Huge international comunity! 7.2.2011


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Basic info:

Processors: 2x QuadCore AMD Opteron 2352


HDD: WD1500HLFS Velociraptor





RateXp = 8

RateSp = 8

RatePartyXp = 1.4

RatePartySp = 1.4

RateConsumableCost = 1

RateDropItems = 8

RateRaidDropItems = 2

RateDropSpoil = 8

RateDropManor = 1

RateExtractFish = 1

RateKarmaExpLost = 4

RateSiegeGuardsPrice = 4

RateQuestDrop = 4

RateQuestRewardXP = 4

RateQuestRewardSP = 4

RateQuestRewardAdena = 4

RateVitalityLevel1 = 1.5

RateVitalityLevel2 = 2.

RateVitalityLevel3 = 2.5

RateVitalityLevel4 = 3.

RateVitalityGain = 1.

RateVitalityLost = 1.

PetXpRate = 4

PetFoodRate = 4

SinEaterXpRate = 4





Normal quest rate is 4x chance! If quest items have 50% chance on 1x rate, you will get 2 quest items with 100% chance. It is simple 50% x 4 = 200% but maximum is 100% afterthen is chance converted to amount!


Special quest rate setting:

Relic of the old Empire = 100% chance to drop 2 piece of Broken relic Parts

Rise and fall of Elroki tribe = 100% chance to drop 1 bone and 33% to drop 2 pieces

Exploration of Giant’s Cave, Part I = 80+quest, 60% chance to drop parchment

Exploration of Giant’s Cave, Part II = 80+quest, 100% chance to drop 1 Titan ancient book


Another information about all:

Zaken and Frintezza not changed yet due them arent instanced yet

Seed of Destruction an Anihilation Working

Raid boss Tiat in SoD working

Opening the Hellbound Continent working

Hellbound continent is working up to lvl 11

All Hellbound quests working (S80 armor/weap, Matras quests, etc...)

All Freya reworked locations working without Selmahum training grounds

All forgotten scrolls and skills working

All armor bonuses and stats working

Elegia, Vorpal and Moirai armor works

Working Mithril mines and all three quests

Working all quests for S80 armors and weapons

Territory wars and fortress sieges working

Epic Quests working

Working attribute system

Working olympiad system

Working castle sieges

Server have bot and 3rd progs protection!!!

Allowed only Dualbox, Offline trader isnt count.




Czechgamers.net - rules


1) CZG team - team composed of Admin and GMs. Team is here for you, they will watch you and help you with your problems, so speak with them politely and be nice to them :)


- CZG team means Admin and GMs chosen by him

- Noone of CZG team has the right to want access data to your account. Do not give your account id or password to anyone!

- team has a final and binding say in solving problems

- any offence to CZG team is forbidden

- GM team is selected by Admin and its members aren´t involved against anyone, either in positive or negative sense

- GM team doesn´t support anyone (with exp, equipment, etc.), they don´t have rights for it, any unfounded allegations of support, whether the GM team, or allusions to a clan on affinity with GM team can be punished

- GM team objectively decides on the length of your punishment in the case of infraction, the only person who can you refer to is Admin, not other GM

- the only one who has the maximum rights (builder_1 - ie. summoning items, setting up char. States) is the Admin and he has no interest in ruining his own server with support

- GM rights (builder_5)


2) Expressions - we are just people too, it sometimes happens that someone says something bad, we will educate you, we are not your parents, so we will not solve it much but when you start to overdo it so that it will annoy someone excessively, you could be punished with chatban, so watch your language. And beware of racism and simmilar things, that's not funny.


- players must comply with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic

- racist based abuse is prohibited and will be severely punished

- we do not undergo promotion of facism - fascist expressions in the titles and the svastikas in the crests (the GM team will assess what can be taken as such)

- nationality based abuse is prohibited

- excessive spam will be solved on reflection of GM

- spam in the clan chat and alliance chat will not be solved

- Hero on the chat will be supervised more closely, heroes represent server more than other players


3) Advertisement on CZG - usually you don´t come into TV and you don´t advertise your product here, so we also dont undergo adverting. But we are just people as you, so we can invent something, so if you're interested, contact Admin


- advertising on forum is forbidden

- advertising in game chat is forbidden - exception is clan chat and alliance chat which is not supervised by CZG team

- as it was written. you can speak with Admin about advertising - for more info contact Admin personally


4) Playing on CZG - you are not playing here for us. CZG is free server with voluntary donate, so excuse some of our mistakes and possible lesser activity of GM team, it´s not our main job. We will do as much as we can to be here for you, but sometimes, it´s not possible,


- when playing on CZG, you agree with the rules of NCsoft and their terms of use

- playing on CZG is purely voluntary activity, nobody is forcing you to play here

- to contribute to the improvement of services is here donate system for you. As reward will be there some caps, hats, class transfers, and of course expensive server upgrades that CZG team can not afford to pay out of own pocket

- CZG team does not solve any property damage caused by playing on our server (eg sale of ACC and items for real money)

- CZG team is not responsible for health or physical damage on players caused by playing on our server

- CZG Team reserves the right to edit and correct data on the server, this may be linked to the server downtime and errors in the database (we will try to make nothing like this happen but for sure we must write it here)

- The player has no right to claim compensation in case of fulfillment of the event from previous article


5) Game account -  you are responsible for your account, do not provide your login information to anybody (neither the GM team). If you do, it's at your own risk!


- GM team does not solve theft due to giving your account into the wrong hands

- GM team does not solve scam or different types of fraud (in the game options)

- We recommend having a secure password (combination of letters, numbers and uppercase letters)

- We recommend having a unique password

- CZG Team reserves the right to solve the theft due to hack of your account, or due to mistake of team member

- CZG team is not responsible for any damage caused by theft


6) Dualbox


- Only dualbox is allowed - dualbox means 2 characters controlled by one person (person, not on 1 computer)

- Offline shop is not counted as character, so you can have 2 active chars + infinite offline traders

- more then 2 characters logged at the same time will be punished


7) 3rd party programs - logging on CZG is possible exclusively with our updater, we do not claim that we have excellent protection against various programs, but once you will be caught, you will be strictly punished. We depend more on controlling then on prevention.


- any 3rd party programs are prohibited (l2w, L2C, CP clickers .... just anything) - will be punished with banned account

- GM Team reserves the right to modify sanctions at its own reflection


8) Usage of bugs and exploits - if you find a bug in the game or an exploit, you must report it to one of the CZG team members.



- as bug or exploit is considered anything that does not work as on the official NCsoft server

- if you benefit from that bug/exploit, you can be punished by GM team

- GM Team reserves the right to determine the severity of penalty, depending on kind of bug/exploit


9) Evidence - The best evidence that you can have is to catch someone in the act and call GM. If it is not possible, the best conclusive material is Fraps


- a screenshot is not conclusive material

- conclusive material is fraps or an extract from the log (for those who don´t know - log is placed on our computer and everything what is done in game is written there)


How to connect:






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modified soul crystal chance up to lvl 10

modified skills prominence, huricane, hydroblast

fixed quest Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead

Fixes for some Talisman, Frenzy & Rabbit Spirit Totem skills

Fixing activationChance in some item skills, fixing some Belt skills, minor fix in Patience skill, and some others skill fixes

Fixed enchant Cost in "Servitor Heal" skill

fix pet equip normal armors

skill spellcraft a Magician's Movement fix

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Game update: Leveling SC updated, 100% Freya Droplist

Quests new/update: DeliciousTopChoiceMeat, SagaOfTheDuelist, WindsOfChange, SuccessFailureOfBusiness, WontYouJoinUs, ReedFieldMaintenance, ForAGoodCause, ExpulsionOfEvilSpirits, ExplorationOfTheGiantsCave1, ExplorationOfTheGiantsCave2, PerfectForm, RumbleInTheBase, GhostsOfBatur, NoSecrets, ItSmellsDelicious, HomeSecurity, NoMoreSoupForYou, ThreatRemoval

Skills update: Flame Icon, Golem Armor, Lucky Strike, Clarity, Electric Flame, Break Duress

RB update: Queen Shyeed added, Zaken instanced, Freya updates

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