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[Info] Lineage II High Five European Client Released!!!!

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Well hello all, and many will know that full client release High Five (1,2,3,4) to download from the web of lineage, well a lot more info on the web, I leave something but you can see yourself .


PTS will last a few weeks and will offer these settings:


   * First character created:

         o Level 83

         o 2,000,000,000 SP

         o 5,000,000,000 Adena

         o Please note that if you delete your level 83 "First" character, another level 83 character cannot be created.


   * Any character created after the first:

         o Level 40

         o 100,000,000 SP

         o 100,000,000 Adena


   * XP/SP rate x4

   * Drop/Spoil rate x4

   * No XP loss upon death, except if chaotic.

   * Raid boss respawn time reduced by 1/4.

   * Penalty time after withdrawing from a clan is 1 minute.


   * Grand Olympiad resets every 2 hours, and players can join at any time of the day.

   * The Seven Signs quest series will reset every 2 days at 5pm server-time. Hence the event period will last 24 hours, and the seal validation period will also last 24 hours.

   * Castle Sieges will be reset every 2 days, and will held on seal validation days at 12pm and 3pm server-time.

   * If at least two Territories are claimed, Territory Wars will occur on the days before castle sieges, and hence will also be reset every 2 days.



Making your character:


   * You will log in and automatically be level 83.

   * Your adena is in your warehouse.

   * In any town, talk to one of the Test Server NPCs (cats) and you can quickly click your way through the class transfers to reach your desired class.

   * You can also acquire all of your basic skills for that top class in one click, by talking to the cats.

   * The cats also sell scrolls and books that teach additional skills, which you can purchase with adena.



Bug Reports


One of the main goals of the PTS is to prevent bugs from reaching the live servers. In order to obtain the most details as possible we request you submit your bug through the in-game petition client; this will provide us with the best opportunity to verify your bug.


In your submission, please include:


   * Bug Summary

   * Steps to Reproduce

   * Location when or where bug occurred, with coordinates if possible

   * Character Race

   * Character Class

   * Character Name


Providing other information such as your hardware, how long you were playing, screenshots, and anything else that could be related is appreciated. Additional information is always welcome and very helpful to our QA team. The in-game petition client is the preferred method for bug submission.


You can read the consolidated parts 1 through 4 High Five Final Patch notes in the High Five PTS forums section. Explore the forums more to find player discussions about the High Five update and receive help if you encounter any technical issues.

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oh FAK Announcement and news are only about forum  and not for l2 -.-

what fake man!!! check the web site of LINEAGE2 and see that, but don't make spam with things you don't know ok?
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what fake man!!! check the web site of LINEAGE2 and see that, but don't make spam with things you don't know ok?

are u kidding me?


what's the point for make it in Announcement and news?

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is a notice that the was released High Five Client , but you just do not write anything interests, and the ads are here because you knew it, and do not flame the topic because I will report

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Yeah, HF client released at least 1,5 weeks ago, but its still  the first part of it. To bad that Korean nation have 5th part of HF chronicle already (yeah, in beta, but it is as it is) and ENG PTS is at 1st part...

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Nice one.3 years in forum,they want to make you client mod,and you don't know even to use right section ^^


anyway,there was already a topic in the proper section(i think)



Also,it's just PTS.I think we can play for free,can't we?


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