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[L2J]L2HellPit 200x FRESH START 06.02.2011


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..:: FRESH START February 2011  ::.

..:: Opening 6th of February 2011  ::.. 6 GMT +1


..:: http://www.l2hellpit.com  ::..




We started the server based on a 1 week open beta where we had around 10 beta testers. During beta none of the testers complained about enchant rates, about farming system, about the class balance we made.

As soon as the server camed out live, players where joining the server, but give up quick because for them the farming system was too slow, because they could not make epic jwls without a stronger clan, because some classes where still too weak and others too strong.


Now after some weeks where all kind of players really tried all the aspects of the server, we made some changes that make Hell Pit a totaly different server from the one we first started.



So what is NEW:


  • Beas / BEWS obtainable from Party Zone
  • RB Jwls obtainable from Party Zone
  • Belts obtainable from Party Zone
  • Party Zone with AI mobs added with 3 stages of difficulty and offcourse 3 stages of drop rewards
  • New hunting area added with good Top Grade LS LvL 82 beside usual drops
  • Added curency exchanger where you can trade between server's curency.


Clan System Improved:

Minimum Members to increase clan level changed as follow:

  • Clan Level 6 = 10
  • Clan Level 7 = 20
  • Clan Level 8 = 25
  • Clan Level 9 = 30
  • Clan Level 10 = 40
  • Clan Level 11 = 50


CRP points by making academy chars was disabled.

CRP reward/lose for a clan war or clan siege kill was incresed to 10 crp / kill.

CRP points now available on exchange for ingame curency.


Class Balance:

  • All tank class have -10% PvP P Attack.
  • Tyrants and Gladiators -5% PvP Skill  P Attack.
  • All archer class have +5% Attack Speed and +4 Accuracy.
  • All dwarf classes +10% Stun Chance +5 Speed.
  • SWS / BD +10% P Def +10% PvP P Attack +10% Root Chance.
  • Dagger DMG depending on target's armor: 0% Dagger Ressist on Robe, 5%  Dagger Ressist on Light, 8% Dagger Ressist on Heavy
  • Sacrifice skill got 5 seconds reuse time in free pvp.
  • Steal Divinity got 3 min reuse time in free pvp.
  • Life cubic triggering rate decreased 2x
  • Smart Cubic triggering rate decreased 2x


Skill Fixes:

  • Spirit of Shilen {SoS}, Boost Morale{BM}, Flame Icon{FI}, Angelic Icon{AI}
    This 4 skills on 90% of the java server can be used all in one time. After making some investigation, we found retail sources that this is a bug.
    So, SoS/BM/FI/AI are fixed and they will overwrite eachother.
  • Added cancel effect on Touch of Death skill
  • Fixed skill Blink
  • Fixed Lightning Strike land rate



Server Features:



Rates and Configs:

  • Xp:                        2000x
  • Sp:                        1000x
  • PartyXp:                   2x
  • Adena Drop:                Custom adena drop for easy but balanced farming
  • Epic Drop:                 Each epic drops 2 jewel + BEAS + BEWS + GE
  • Elemental Stones Drop:     Special made area with mobs droping
  • elemental stones. NOTE: This farm area is a advanced one.
  • Enchanting Rates:          75 % Blessed Scrolls; 70% Normal Scrols
  • Karma Burn Rate:           5x Harder
  • Safe Enchant:              +6
  • Max Enchant:               +16
  • Augmentation Skill:        25% Normal Stones; 50% Mid Grade Stones; 60% High Grade Stones; 70% Top Grade Stones
  • Weight Limit Multiplier:   200x
  • Teleport Spawn Protection: 20sec
  • Olymipad Daily Duration:   3h
  • Olympiad Period:           1 week
  • PvP Color System:          10 / 40 / 70 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 400 / 500 Kills
  • GrandBoss Relog Time:      5 min (if you stay more than this time logged out in a GrandBoss zone you will be teleported to town)
  • Max Karma amount:          100.000
  • Min PK to drop             10
  • Enable WH Sorting:         True



Custom NPCs:

Global Gatekeeper

GM Shop

Scheme Buffer (Buffer and Pet Buffer)

Spawn Manager that informs about the exact spawn times of all epics to avoid camping. Lets not forget we have a PvP server

Event Manager: 14 funny events with good rewards.


AIO NPC It have incorporated as follow:

  • Server Info,
  • Tops PvP/PK,
  • Clan/Ally functions,
  • Class/Subclass manager,
  • WH functions,
  • Augments Manager,
  • Symbol Maker,
  • Atribute manager,
  • Nobless Manager
  • Curency Exchanger



Farm Zone:

Low Level FZ:Elven Ruins

Medium Level FZ:Cave of Trials

High Level FZ: Here we have 2 areas.

  • Fantasy Island: This is a safe zone where you can gear just enough to advance.
  • Hellbound
  • Elemental FZ:More Advanced farm zone with good elemental stones drop, but also very good exp and curency drops.
  • Life Stone FZ: Good drops of top grade LS lvl 82 beside the normal curency drops.
  • Party FZ: This is the ultimate hunting area. All mobs in this area are AI mobs that use different kind of skills depending on the HP level. The zone is divided in 3 areas, and the diffuculty increase as you advance. If in the first part a party of 2 players is enough to succeed, in the last part , only with a healer beside you can survive.
                         The drops in this zone are extreamly good and in top of the normal curency you can harvest Blue Eva, that will allow you to buy RB Jwls, Belts and  Blessed scrolls.



Server's Economy:

The server have 4 curency:

  • Adena: Drops at all mobs and can be exchanged to Gold Bars
  • SS (Silver Shilen) : Drops at higher lvl mobs in farm areas
  • GE (Gold Einhasad): Drops at champion mobs with 100% chance, and with a 15% chance at any mob.
  • BE (Blue Eva) : This can be obtained by hunting in the Party Zone and is the highest server curency.


The Event Reward is represanted by the Event Gift Boxes that can open in GCM, BEAS, BEWS, GC.



Skill Enchanting and Fame:

Skill enchanting is retail like and it needs codexes + mastery. Codexes can be aquired from Castles, Oly Manager and GM Shop. Mastery can be obtained for now by KE that drop in forts or from GM Shop.

We will only add the KE drops to 1 fort / 50 online players in order to keep the action hot.

Fame is aquired retail but with higher rate.




  • Set up to 24+4 buffs and 12 D/S
  • Divine inspiration is AUTO Learn.
  • Scheme Buffer
  • Buff Durations 3 hours
  • Trigger Buffs doesen't count as BUFF so you won't get Overbuffed by TRIGGERS




  Team vs Team:

Standard Team vs Team fight with 2 teams.



Free for all. The one with the most kills wins.



One zone. 2 teams. If the count of team 1 players inside the zone is greater than the count of team 2 players, then team 1 gets one point per sec.


Last Man Standing:

Free for all. The last survivor wins.


  VIP Team vs Team:


Standard Team vs Team with a random VIP player in both teams. Killing the VIP = +1 score for the team. The VIP is different at each respawn.


Lucky Chests:

On start a lot of chests spawns. On click they opens. Theres a chance that the chest explodes and the player dies, and get resurrected a few secs later. The player with the most opened chests wins.



One random zombie player chasing the others. If he hits someone he become a zombie. The last non-zombie wins.


 Simon Says:

In each round Simon the NPC says a random text. The players have to say it too. The last one who says and everyone who says a wrong word lose. The winner of the last round wins.


  Double Domination:

2 team, 2 zone. The team gets a score if they hold both of the zones for 10 seconds.


  Capture the Flag:

Standard Capture the Flag with 2 teams.


  Russian Roulette:

The event spawns 6 "russian". In each round every player choose one. One of the russian, and everyone who choosed him dies. The survivors of the last round wins.


  Bomb Fight:

2 teams. Every player gets a new skill. When they use it it spawns a bomb which explodes after 1-2 seconds and kills everyone in a certain radius.



One player become a mutant. The others have to kill him. The mutant have increased stats. If someone kills him, the killer will be the next mutant. If the mutant kills someone he gets a point. The player with the most points wins at the end of the event.



2 teams. There are a few points which the teams can capture. In every second the teams score increased by the count of the points captured by the team. The team with the most poins wins.



Other Features:

  • Protection against DualBox in events (It looks into the machine IP, so those who play in LAN are free to play)
  • Offline Shops
  • Champion Monsters
  • Balanced Olympiads (All items are treated as a +6 items in the battles)
  • Castle Sieges
  • Fortress Sieges
  • Territory Wars
  • Certification Skill
  • PvP Title color system
  • Balanced Classes for improved gameplay




Max Enchant/ Safe Enchant: http://l2hellpit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=52



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Finally, you've got the good decision to wipe so players will see that you've changed lot and they will enjoy it now :D.


Can't wait for start i hope more than 50 + :d

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again farm server dude .


party zone , party zone party zone  c 'mon  I told you. pvp servr is for relax not for fxxx farm  And yes server for clan not for solo .


GC /gcm buyable in gmshop ? If yes how much does it cost ?

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Schossow now it's easy enough belive me.

As for GCM/GC now are affordable at a cheap price but not very cheap so all have +30 skills 1st day.

As for my curiosity i started to play the other server on market and i need to tell that i didnt found anything easier except that server where you are a GM and can give you items or where all is FREE.

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I hope because as i tried other HR too nothing have something more special and GMs dont really care about their server and on this, most of changes that people wanted it happened.

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We've got luck and lot of players for a HighRate start.

Yesterday we had 84 record and now at arround 4 PM already 70.

I think this night we will make over 90 and lets hope over 100+.


We are waiting you!

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    • change the server.ini  InternalHostname =     and try
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