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[L2PHX]L2Phx Enchant & Spam


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Heya guys today i will show you how to enchant with l2phx & how to make spam ^^


First close your anti virus for open l2phx , then take l2phx and put it in ur system ( with all files ) . Then go to  " Viewing "  and go down and add ticks only to  Packets From Client & Remember Packets


Then Open Lineage II , log with ur char and u will see ur char in l2phx


If u don't just take the l2.ini in a clear l2 system.

Now Let's start .


Go Near a warehouse alone  .  Put and remove the weapon/armor/jewl u want to enchant and go L2PHX Copy The First Code "UseItem" and put it at send


Αντιγραφή = Copy

Put it like this .


Then we enchant 1 scroll the weapon and then we go to l2phx and take the code "RequestEnchantItem"  Copy it and put it on the Viewing After the UseItem


Αντιγραφή = Copy

Like this


Now put ur armor/weap/jewe in the warehouse , go to l2phx and take the code "SendWarehouseDepositList"



Αντιγραφή = Copy

And Put it on Viewing Like This :


Now take the weapon from the warehouse do it in the safe enchant now open l2phx , click at the weapon/armor/jewe that u want to enchant but DO NOT PRESS OK!


Μην Πατήσετε OK = Do Not Press OK

Now Open L2PHX Go To the viewing and press "Send"


Warning : u must be near warehouse .


Tips :

If your weapon crystallize and don't give u crystals just check what u have in ur warehouse ;D

What i win with that? Enchant ur weapon with safe way

Can I Enchant it with bless scroll? No cause ur weap if it brokes it will go +0 ;/

Can i take ban with that hack? Yeah but if it says " You will be banned bla bla " make a fast restart ! (AND DO IT WITH BOT!)

Can the weapon crystallize? Yep , if server has protection or if it lags



How To Spam??

Just open l2phx , write a chat like (maxcheaters)

Now go l2phx at Viewing and take the code "Say2"

and put it to Send

And now go to send and press " Sends Every " and do the 100msec 1msec and u will spam with no chat ban



Credits Me :')


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    • @Celestinewasnt this guy banned for selling shared stuff? 😄
    • I know xD ... please clean the topic. It's okay!
    • link off    anyone can share it ?   thks
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