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[Guide] Starting L2Net on server with No-IP hosting


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Just a really fast and easy guide,, made of for my clan, but will it share here either :p

Might be usefull since more and more servers starting to use it... since its easyer to move to another host or w/e since you dont have to

remake the patch.




Hello guys,,


This will be just a little fast guide to show you how to connect to a server wich have a dynamic IP.

More and more servers use this cause its a little "protection" against noob botters, and also they can change from host without changing the patch :)


1. How to check if your server has a dynamic IP


To check this you will need a little program; L2FileEdit (Download > http://www.multiupload.com/D8E5R2EXWI)


Download the program and open it

You will see this




Click "Open and Decrypt" and search "L2.ini" in your L2 folder, its located inside your system folder.

Open this and you will see this:





If you see a link like i selected in the screen, then your server is using a dynamic IP.


2. How to start L2Net


Since L2net cant use a dynamic IP we will need the real IP from this server, so lets take it!


Open "CMD" and write

 netstat -n


You will see some IP's now, this are all IP's you are connected to. So if you are 'smart' you close all things you have open

and only open your l2 client, just log in as usual.


Now open CMD and write

 netstat -n

, you will see you got just 1 or 2 diffrent IP's there now.

Most of the time the server has the IP with a large port behind it (2106 or 7777 is most used)


Write this IP down, you will need it.




Sorry but i hided my own IP's, this is the IP from a random server :p (www.l2freepvp.com)


Now we got the real IP from this server, time to make our client able to connect to the server.


Open your L2FileEdit and open "L2.ini", the same as before.


We will change






So just insert the IP you found. Now click "Save and encrypt".


Your client will still be able to connect normal to the server, just when the server might change IP you will have to search it again

but as you see, it takes like 1 min. if you got the programs :)


Just start up your L2NET as usual now, Goodluck


Credits: Michael

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