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[SHARE] L2.NET for L2Ice


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I'm new to this forum, so forgive me if i'm doing something wrong. I did not create this method, i found all the information on google.


This guide is for using L2.NET L2NET v384 on L2Ice Interlude server, tested myself and its working.


Files needed:

Mappack (not required)
http://l2net.insane-gamers.com/Download/MapFiles_385(LOW).rar OR
IP Jack




1.  Unpack IPJack anywhere you like, and run manager.exe

2.  IPjack will now shown in the notification area of your taskbar, right click it and choose "Install filter"

3.  Unpack all the L2NET files into the same directory (the mappack is optional)

4.  Run L2NET_IL.exe and go to "File" > "Logon Window" (dont change anything here) and click the IG button

5.  In the IG Logon Windows, change the "Login Server" to "" and click "Listen"

6.  Now launch l2.exe and try to login


The ip adress of L2Ice is preconfigured in IPJack. If this ever changes, just right click the manager in you taskbar

and use the option "Edit config".


Make sure you have the August 2008 Direct-X libraries and .net framework 3.5 installed in order to run L2NET.

If you can login to the server but L2NET isn't showing any output, IPJack is probably not installed correctly.

When you cant get it to work you can also use "Microsoft Loopback Adapter".


You can change the loginlist.txt located in the l2NET direcotry if you do not want to manually enter the ip adress

everytime you start L2NET.


If you do not know how to configure your botting options, you can take a look in this topic:





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Seems like i can't install ipjack. I tried everything what is on l2net forum about ipjack but nothing. I'll install it on another PC.


EDIT: It is working on my desktop PC, but not on my laptop. Anyway thank you, good share.

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So this is working or no??


Yes it works, but there are some troubles with IPJack, i think it doenst work on windows 7 x64. If you click "install filder" it should show "remove filter" afterwards, if not, IPJack isn't working correctly.


Its working , but its shitty ; ) . Cant use HP pots , and don't want to pick up the drop ; )


Try configuring it correctly, these things should work without any problems. Change the range of the pickup, and HP can be configured under "items", make sure its active by selecting it.

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