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Any help for enchanting weapons/armors? (official servers)


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Hello every1!!


I was wondering if there is any way like exploit or bug or something anyway

that helps/improves the enchanting on weapons/armors.


As i said its a question for the official servers.


I know that there are  these supplements for improving the rate of success but

1st of all they are a bit expensive and 2nd of all the rate does not improve so much.


Also i always try to use Enchantment stones 10 or 15 lvl's or even higher than the weapon/armor.


For example i tried to enchant Lannok Greatsword wich is lvl 50 with enchantment stones

lvl 70 75 and 80 and only manage to get it to +1.(that , with supplements )


So is there any other "way" or i have to "trust" FailSOFT??


Any help is welcome.


P.s. : pls dont spam or start QQ'ing.


thanx all in advance.


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no way to safe enchant in aion.

and btw are u playing in official server? cuz to be 50+ level needs a lot work. and to have L80 stones is a bit outrageous .

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As u have seen from the title,yes its official.


No official is not that hard...(max lvl is 55 not 50) and you can easy get to 55 in 2-3 months

without "killing" ur brain...just Quests and some instances and u get 55...


No its not hard to get lvl 80 enchantment stones...lvl 80 is nothing....u get it easy if u brake the golds

that u dont need from Beshmundir Temple(instance)  for example.You may even get a lvl 100 ++.


The outrageous is just to get lucky to enchant your equipment....

Last day i tried to enchant my Lannok GS with lvl80

enchantment stone and fail. (was +2 and went for +3 but fail.  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( ).


Kinah also come easy....(i had 70 millions in 3 days just by selling MP potions...that,IF u get alchemy occupation)


So. The point is : You get lvl up easy....and get kinah also easy.


      BUT HOW ON EARTH YOU GET +++++ SAFE????  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(




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there is not safe enchant or any bug thats why its official server if u want to descovery bug go play infinite aion u will find as much as u want.

Now, dont spend money to buy supplements and spend MORE kinah to buy more enchant stones so you will enchant it to +15 someday....supplements have too much increases rates!! so i suggest to buy them

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No its not hard to get lvl 80 enchantment stones...lvl 80 is nothing....u get it easy if u brake the golds

bullshit, you have more chance to get 6x stones than 8x from untradable shits from BT.

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