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EP |03-01-2011 18:00 gmt+2| 100x|


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Server Wipe 03-01-2011 18:00 gmt+2


» Server information:


Gracia Epilogue




Party XP/SP:x2

Drop rates:x30

Adena Rates:100

Quest rates:x5

Spoil Rates:x30

XP/SP reward rates:x30

Quest Reward Rates:x2 (not for all quest's)





Current Stage:11

Celtus respawn:4 hours

ATOD drop rates: x4



prophet buffs, dances, songs, cov/magnus

Buff time: 2 hours


Gm shop:

Armor/weapon/jewelry up to a grade

Mana potions

Forgotten scrolls for Blue eva (from raid boss level 70-85)

Soul crystals up to grade 14, giants codex for adena (to make economy running)

Carradine's Letter (noblesse quest)

Quest Items for clan level from 3 to 5


Castle Siege

Territory War

Clan hall


Clan system up to level 11 with working skills

Every proffesion skill is working

NEW Gracia epilogue Quest's and hunting grounds

Seed of Destruction

Seed of infinity

Delusion chamber

TvT events

Active GM's are here for you every day

Vitality system

Auto learning skills

Auto loot drop (not for raid boss)

Fully workable Olympiad system. ( Instant teleporting to arena and back)

Hero changes every one week



Custom server features:

No Sublass Quest

No Class Quest

All raid boss respawn is retail w/o random.



Enchant rate: 66% (blessed same, items don't burn after fail enchant)

Enchant safe: 3

Enchant max:

Weapon: 15

Armor: 10

Juwel: 10




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