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[L2J] L2myrmidon x10


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Einhovant x 10


- Exp: x10

- Party exp:1.2

- Sp: x10

- Party sp:1.2

- Adena: x25

- Spoil: x5

- Drop: x5

- Quest: x4


• Enchant Rates :

- Safe enchant : +3

- Max Enchant weapon : +16

- Max Enchant armor/jew : +16

- Chances for weapons/armors are retail like.


• Olympiad :

- Olympiad is balanced.

- Olympiad last for a month.


• General:

- Fun events

- Helpful GMs

- Most retail features working

- Unique wedding system

- Offline trade/craft

- 3rd class change quest made easier

- Dances/songs last 4 minutes.

- Custom Festive Sweeper skill (not a client mod)

- Shift+click in-game drop/spoil list

- Character repair system

- NPC buffer (You can create up to 4 different schemes or select the Auto Buff option. In order to buff yourself you will have to pay in PC Bang Points, 80 points for Auto Buff and 100 for Schemed Buffs. Also can buff pets)


• Luxury Shop

- B Grade weapons/jewels/armors (unsealed, no SA)

- A Grade recipes available in exchange of PC Bang points.(can be earned while playing)

- Consumables

- General and Enchant Scrolls (D/C Grade)


• Global Gatekeeper

- Free teleports for players under level 40

- Teleports to Newbie Areas, Towns/Villages, Towns/Villages areas and Catacombs/Necropolis (You need to be signed to enter.)


• Class changer

- Free class change up to the 2nd class change


• Fishing Event


Stuff you can get:


- Trade for AA

- 1 hour buff scroll set mage/fighter

- Mysterious Gift box (you have to find out its contents by yourself)


• PC Bang points

You can buy special items with those points like:

- A Grade Recipes Weapons/Armors/Jewels

- Accesorries


• Anti-bot

- Auto-kick

- Bot report button


• Community Board

- Custom Community Board with features like:

- Server rules

- Changelogs

- F.A.Q

- Server Events

- Server News

- Submit bug reports which can be seen by Admin/GMs even if they are offline.

- Castle Ownership Status.

- Repair a broken Character.

- Real world time.

- Language change (coming soon)

- Server's Clan info.


• Donate

Voluntary Donation:

It's a voluntary donation, which means it's up to you if you want to do it or not.

Voluntary donators are going to be rewarded with our thankfulness.


• Ingame Commands

- .xpon/.xpoff (enables or disables xp/sp gain)

- .time (shows the current time of server and in some countries)


• Extra Features and Info.

- Trade chat

- The Trade Chat (+) is global, that means that every player regardless of where he/she is located can read the Trade Chat.

- We have 2 custom permanent events and time-limited seasonal events.



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