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[L2J] L2 Ententa New Mid-Rate Server Finaly Beta Test!! x25


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EXP: x25

SP: x25

Party EXP: x2

Party SP: x2

Drop Items: x5

Drop Spoil: x20

Drop Adena: x25

Drop Quest: x5

Reward Quest SP: x25

Reward Quest XP: x25

Reward Quest Adena: x25

Reward Quest Potion: x5

Reward Quest Scroll: x5

Reward Quest Recipe: x5

Reward Quest Material: x5

Drop RaidBoss: x1

Drop RaidBoss Jewels: x1


-=General Features=-


Custom Npcs

Custom Zones

No Custom Items

Buff time 3h

Olympiad Works 100%

Sieges Works 100%

Fortress Works 100%

Skills Works 95%

Aug. Skill Rate 50%

CTF / TVT Engine Every Hour

Max Ally 5

Max Sub 3

Sub Class System LvL 85




Safe : +4

Max For Weapons : +20

Max For Armors : +20

Max For Jewels : +20

Enchant Rate : 66%

Blessed Rate : 100%



CPU: 2x QuadCore Intel Xeon, 2800 MHz

Motherboard: Supermicro X7DWN+

RAM: 12 GB


Connection: 100MB/S International



Autocreate Acc.



This Open Beta

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