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L2 DarkAges.tk full pvp x400!!!!


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A new pvp  server from Greece .. Without lag and perfect graphics LF people ! Moreover friendly GMs and many events at coliseum and giran...!!!!Join us!!! Server is easy !


*XP : 400x

*SP : 400x

*Adena : 450x

*Party : 2x








*Safe : +6

*Max For Weapons : +25

*Max For Armors : +25

*Max For Jewels : +25

*Enchant Rate : 65%

*Blessed Rate : 75%






General Features



*Custom spawn

*Custom Farm & PvP Zones

*Dynasty Weapons and Dynasty Armors

*Dynasty Jewels and Dynasty Wing

*New Hero System Added

*New PvP & Pk System

*New PvP & Pk Color And Reward System Added

*When you take pvp you will gain exp sp and 2 coin of luck

*When you take Pk you will gain exp sp and 3 coin of luck

*New PvP & Pk Exp And SP System

*New PvP & Pk Announce System

*Some Npc Are Like Players (with armor and weapons +15)

*Vote Reward System

*CTF / TVT Engine Every Hour

*A Remote Class Changer

*Emotion System like WoW (English & Greek)

*when you use blessed scroll and falure your weapons Enchant will go -1 not 0 (from 15 will go 14)

*A Class Changer can be found at Giran to change your 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.

*All Towns Have GMshop, Buffer, Skill_enchanter GateKepper.

*Voice Commands Like .online .cl .pmoff .tradeoff .away .info .deposit .withdraw .stat .join .giran etc

*GM Shop and NPC buffers with All buffs and Extras.

*Global Gatekeepers and Skill Enchanter for all class

*Costum Hero item untill Restart

*Costum Nobless Item

*Costum 2 items to spawn in your location GMshop & Buffer For 6 minute

*Costum Donator ticket that discount 15% of donates (Drops From Bosses)

*Transform System Like Epilogue (.transform & .untransform)

*All items are sold on shops for Adena & Ancient Adena & Coin Of Luck.

*All buffs last 2 hours + Extra buffs added

*All Grand & Raid Bosses added They own items + Costum Items

*Jail Breaker. (if GM Jailed you, you will take a item click on it and you will have 50% succes to get free)




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