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[HELP] Char For Low Rate (INTERLUDE)

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First of all,a low rate IL is fail


anyway,i would suggest you a dagger class for main,and an archer sub(IL server)

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I suggest you to choose a tyrant for an IL server but i don't know about low rate .IL low server <LOL for me


You're super right.


Tyrant can defeat everybody 1v1, except for Overlord.

Tyrant can defeat everybody @ Grand Olympiad, except for Overlord, pre-frenzy Destroyer and Prophet.

He's a little useless in mass PvPs.


So this shall be your choice.

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dagger solo pvp

archer mass pvp

Τhe truth is,many classes can pwn dagger in solo pvp...like tyrant and gladis


archers is a MUST for an Interlude server,but it's better to make subclass cause you can't xp easily alone

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