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[L2j]qLineage.ru {MultiproffesionS}


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Server х1000 multiproffessions



Chronicls Interlude.


Rate х1000 - PVP:


XP - 1000

РSP - 500

Aden - 500

DropItems = 1.

DropBossItems = 2.

DropStone = 1.

DropSpoil = 1.

DropManor = 1

DropQuest = 2.

SiegeGuardsPrice = 1


You can learn skills of other classes

Enchants rates 90%,max 30


Full GM shop/ NPC Buffer / Global GK


Buffs 4 hours

Subbclass witout quest


Moment respawn Epic RB


PvP areas

Multidrop and much more!

Clear classic!

Server located in elite tops of L2top.ru



Patch - http://qlineage.ru/assets/files/qlineage.zip

Client of IT - http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/5332437/Lineage_2_Interlude_C6_Client.5332437.TPB.torrent

Registration - http://qlineage.ru/acc/




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yes,ok,it's will be repair


It is must not repair it must be new buy domain play game no rus english man .

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