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[Guide] How to configure L2 Walker for C4 server

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This is my way to configure a walker for a C4 server, it worked for me since most servers got "walker protection)


1st Step: Getting the ip address

First of all, you are gonna need this file:


It's a program called Lineage 2 File Edit (with this program you can edit many l2 files, but we are not going to do that)

Now, open the program and click on "open and decrypt". Go to your Lineage System folder and open L2.ini, so it would look like this




After that copy the ip address (server addr) into ur set.ini. after LoginServerIP=

Mine would look like this




2nd Step: Getting the port and protocol version

In most servers the common port and protocol versions are 2106 (Port) and 656 (Protocol Version)

U could try just by "jumping this step" and if it fails get back to here. You could also make Step 2 and 3 togheter, but it's easyer to explain separeted


You are gonna need L2Phx (yes, it's a packet hack program)

Download Link



Now, extract it and open it.

Open Lineage 2 and try to login (write any account and password)

Go to phx and you will see this:




It's the IP and port of the server (sometimes PHX doesn't work, that's why I made step 1)


Now, Login up to the character selection screen and go again to phx. Click where it says packet sniffer and you will see a packet called ProtocolVersion (that's what we are looking for)

Now, look at the image below




Now, we must copy the port and protocol version to our set.ini so, now it would be like this:






3rd Step: Getting the Token KEY


You will need this:



This contains 2 programs: Cprocess and xvi32

Cprocess shows u every program that your pc is using and everything that programs are using, and xvi32 is an hex editor.


Now, open Cprocess and then open L2

U can do this while L2 is opening (this would be necesary if ur l2 server "hides" the L2 Process) or after it has opened. Don't even login, just go to Cprocess and look for the process called l2.exe (it should be at the bottom of the list)

now, select it and search for the MODULE called Engine.dll (wich contains the token key)

Just in case u don't know wich are the process and wich are the modules:




now right click on engine.dll and click on dump memory

Now, set the location where it will be "dumped" and check binary file (just if it's not checked)

Now click on "Dump memory".


After it finishes dumping, you can close L2 and Cprocess. Now go to Xvi32.

Open it.

Now Press Ctrl+O and open the Dump file u have created with Cprocess.

Now, press Ctrl+G. Check go to "hexadecimal" and go mode "absolute"

Under "hexadecimal" u have to be sure that it says exactly this $62531C

if it doesn't, just copy and paste it in that blank. Then click OK. It'll mark a square and that square with the following 19 squares are the "TOKEN" (press shift and tap the right arrow 19 times so u will have the whole token in red)

It would look like this:




Now, after u marked the whole token, click on "edit", "clipboard" and click on "copy as hex string"

Now go to ur options.ini file in the l2walker directory and paste it in the TOKEN line.

It would be like this:




now, login and enjoy.


I've been a long time writing this guide, so I hope it would be helpfull




Man i can't open l2php.exe,so now how can i find the port and protocol?OMg!!!

Pls answer me :)Thx


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  • 2 weeks later...

It works 100%....i ve test it for a c4 server with protection and great^^ (after using By-passer)

But guide is right 100% by the way the server is www.l2killzone.com 


Ps: Use firefox to open that page ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I downloaded the other one.Well i have the other problem.When i run cprocess the l2.exe is gone in few seconds.....gg  shows up and l2.exe and gg are gone....what i should do ? The server is bfdr.eu

EDITED : btw i can see only global servers in walker 10.9.0

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