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[Share]Visual NPC to PC transform [Freya/High Five]

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This Patch is for Freya client...





And The Patch --->


Core Side:

http://pastebin.com/3fgbwNKf (Credits to Mazoul For Reupload)


Datapack Side:



And The Last One, SQL Side:


PS: This SQL file, adds the fake PCs table, and this one Record of fake_pcs is the PK-Killer on The Preview Picture, if you like it, you can have it :D!


Ok, listen carefully, you have to replace the '60001'(or else npc_id) with the ID of the NPC that you wanna be transformed..

Thats how is this system works...

You need 1 Normal NPC and 1 Fake in order to make the Normal NPC, a Fake one....


- Added //reload fakenpcs


Credits To --> "FBIagent" For First Release, "janiii" From L2JServer Forum for Freya release and //reload feature and me(?) for making the final patches

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I dont 100% understand what it does!

maybe someone could explain me how it works!


But only by the screenshot i can see that you can make NPCs like players!Cool...


You are just tranforming the npc to look like player on the client.... Thats all, but you are doing it with sql table... Read the table and you will understand how it works..

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