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GM Shop  - FREYA




GM Shop Editado por mim.

PS: Essa ultima atualizaçao que fiz do NPC.

Adicionados itens freya: weapon, armor, Acessorios, Agathion e outros mais.

Conta com uma grande variedade de itens...


Obs: Pra evitar erro ao comprar 1 itens e receber outro reward, edite em ordem (ex:1,2,3,4) as linhas da multisell <item id="1">

Devido que eu fui adicionando varios IDs nao editei pq muitos nao gosta de determinados itens no npc-shop, assim fica livre pra vc editar a seu gosto :D







GM Shop Edited by me.

PS: That last update that I did the NPC.

Freya added items: weapon, armor, accessories, and more Agathion.

It has a wide variety of items ...


Note: To avoid a mistake when buying items and receive another reward, edit in order

(Ex: 1,2,3,4) line of Multisell  <item

id = "1">

Because I've been adding several IDs not edited cuz many do not like certain items on

npc-shop, so you're free to edit to your liking

sry translate.google :D










I have been reediting the item id's, you have not been readding item or leaving things out because people don't use them, with the mess i had to do took me hours to fix.... it just goes to show you how lazy someone can truly be.... great job on adding the stuff np there, but trust me people, when you download this you will get what you want but will take hours editing the id order.... and i mean hours! once again greta job adding the new stuff and making a great gm shop, it just sad to see how lazy you really are!

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