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Version 1.0 is Live


For the past couple of months i have been working on a new concept server. I took the "what i would like to play" approach again like back in 2010. The main difference than the traditional L2 gameplay is that i got rid of 98% of leveling up and made gear grades irrelevant. Also i removed a lot of annoying stuff that made you micromanage and worry about catching up (see the disabled items bellow). Now all you have to do is spend some time and you can be ready to compete with others even if you are a lone wolf.


Some things that i found fun while testing the server:

  • You can enchant your items while you are farming.
  • Failing to enchant an item will not crystalize it or make it loose the previous enchant level. 
  • If you are short on adena, just sell the enchant scrolls you are not going to use. (going to make a special npc in wich you can trade junk for currency in the future)
  • Seven Signs is relevant again. You need the ancient adena to trade with Mammon npc's. This is fully retail like, i love it.
  • Owning a castle has benefits that are actually use full this time around.


My final thoughts now are that if you are a mid rate or a pvp player you will probably going to like this server. I will try to maintain a balance between pvp and rpg elements.




⦁ EXP: x100
⦁ SP: x100
⦁ ADENA: x100
⦁ Max Enchant: +20
⦁ Safe Enchant: +5
⦁ Normal Scrolls: 30%
⦁ Blessed Scrolls: 35%
⦁ Max Element: 300 (Level 7)
⦁ Attribute Stones: 50%
⦁ Attribute Crystals: 30%

Custom Drop Rates
⦁ All monsters have a 5% to 50% chance to drop enchant scrolls.
The higher the grade of the scroll the less of a chance to drop.

Enhanced Grand Boss: Ant Queen
⦁ Respawns randomly once every 6 hours.
⦁ Increased HP & MP.
⦁ 100% Chance to drop one of each Grand Boss Jewel of B & A grade.
⦁ 100% Chance to drop a fixed amount of gold bars and mouse coins.

Enhanced Grand Boss: Baium
⦁ Respawns randomly once every 12 hours.
⦁ Increased HP & MP.
⦁ 100% Chance to drop one of each Grand Boss Jewel.
⦁ 100% Chance to drop a fixed amount of gold bars and mouse coins.

Clan Friendly
⦁ All new clans start at level 8 with 350.000 reputation points.
⦁ Clan Skills can be learned using points only.
⦁ No clan penalties except for deleting a clan and/or alliance.
⦁ Alliances increased from 3 –> 10.
⦁ Instant clan leader change.

Play without nonsense
⦁ No custom items.
⦁ No subclass certifications.
⦁ No transformations.
⦁ No High Five Skills.
⦁ No grade penalty.
⦁ Everything is level 85.
⦁ New players start at level 84.
⦁ Subclass base level is 84.
⦁ 100% chance on skill enchanting at level 85.
⦁ Adena based economy.
⦁ No pay to win donation rewards.
⦁ Only worry about improving your gear.
⦁ Hellbound passage without quest.

RPG/PVP focused
⦁ Enchanting failure on all items returns to previous enchant level.
⦁ Owning a Castle has meaning (steady and usefull income).
⦁ Fully utilized Seven Signs.
⦁ Player based economy.
⦁ Enhanced Black Marketer of Mammon.
⦁ Weekly Castle Sieges.
⦁ Daily Fortress Sieges.
⦁ Automated TvT & CtF PvP Events every hour.

Custom NPC’s
⦁ Luxurious Gatekeeper
⦁ Full NPC & Portable buffers
⦁ Services NPC
⦁ GM Shop (Up to Dynasty)

Buff System
⦁ Buff Slots: 36
⦁ Dance/Song Slots: 16
⦁ Durration: 120 minutes.
⦁ Cancelled Buffs return.
⦁ Overbuff protection.

Server Information
⦁ Custom L2J Files.
⦁ Full Geodata.
⦁ Core i7, 16gb ram, 240gb ssd, 1Gbps.
⦁ Gaming Ddos protection.
⦁ Geolocation: France.
⦁ Timezone: EET.

Edited by Porthos

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i waited for a long time for what? for a lolserver (no-offense), u will be listed on HZ and u will have no luck either. the server has no future, when i was in i had the impresion that is made by a 10 years old kid.. thanx and gl

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well the farm system is really annoying and is not for a pvp server at all. trust me the more easy/medium u get top items, the more succes u will have with the server. ur at the beggining, u can make some adjustments now, so new ppl will come. but as server is now, ppl wont join and stay for long..


this is my opinion

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Well this is just your opinion and i respect it but i wont make anymore changes, i have been running this server closed from the public for 2 weeks testing and adjusting stuff and the players i have now seem to apriciate it.


P.S: If a mod sees this please move my topic to the main list.

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I saw only one player in aden... pvp/farm areas are empty.... empty srv is empty :/

You cant have lots of players when the server is not yet aproved on all the toplists, its been less than 24 hours since the server went live.

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