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just go here and you can read smth about it:



im heaving it in day of premiere in pl i bought that :P (probably like many others ppl)


and in short description that game is f_ucking awsome for me its best cRPG from time when i was playing long time ago in fallout2 (f2 is for me the best cRPG ever). But back to subject

that game is based on fantasy book by sapkowski. All story is good ploted you have nice exp system nice fight system .... hmm everything in that game is rly nice here some movie from game


pure gameplay review:


and here is intro from game :




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lol i cant tell that its first good game coz imo there was another game worth of playing, from studio people can fly :P name of the game is "painkiller" that was one good fpp :D nailing monsters burning them and all kind of shit with great weapons with huge boss at end of every lvl... but definetly the witcher is best cRPG ever made in pl and as for now its one of the best in the world imo :P

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well i played this game before..it's kinda like online games it have a quest, real time adventure style game, a mini game and so on. But unfortunately it lacks in equipment, there is not much item in this game considering it's an RPG, and u have to download the latest patch for this game for some freeze in the game and for quest completion...despite that this game surely considered one of the great PC game released...

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