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[Guide] L2Walker IG for Lineage II Freya!!!

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when i changed ip in l2.ini to i couldnt connect to server with or without walker. what do u mean "confers". can u show me a pic if i havent done it correctly? (the only ip i find in l2.ini is servers ip which i change with the editor.) i have tried it ur guide noumerous times and still get verify failed


same as above, please help

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hallo MasterWalker!! i did exactly what you told at your guide but Still Verify fail...

i took the ip from l2.ini and paste at tpctunnel...i copy/paste the hosts file...and still dosent working....any idea why??


i have windows xp proffesional service pack 3!

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hi i have a problem with TCPTunnel he dont open.... i try to Kompability but dont work....i have win 7 ultimate 64x... when i try to log in i can enter my ID and PW but he tell my U are currntly logged in please wait a moment xD... i wait 10 minits but nothing xD..




pls help ty ;)



you have to DEP the program!


just right click on ''My Coputer'' icon then properties .. then Advanced then click Settings at Performance then click at ''Data Excecution Prevention'' then check at ''Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those i select'' then click add... and then brownse at your file!!


Restart computer and done.. !


Credits to me... !!


hehe! dont need credits :D !

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Hey man, nice post! can i ask you something?


i have a little problem, dunno why, always when i join and i start to use walker in any zone lvl im getting banned, i tried to changue this -> http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/7917/nbmhmhjh.jpg to 50000 and to 10000 but no one works correctly, always im getting banned, l2 says. You are doing a illegal action, GM informed, and next im getting banned, dunno if you can help me :) and in the forward.BAT when i get banned appears that -> http://img148.imageshack.us/i/errorwalker.jpg/ .


Im testing some Freya servers and always that happen, i test 2 atm


If you can help me, thanks man, and so good post, now i know how to use walker!

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