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[Rate % Comment] New L2 Sig.With 3 Vers

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Hello Spammers:P Gfxers:) Mods:)) Designers:-) and Blablabla

I make 3versions for 1 signarure.In every version,only the Font change.




Notice: Dont Spam Plz + A little big for Signatures:)


2nd Try In PS:)








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2 min work and suck

Off:Yours server sucks more than my sig.

go to andronix to make you a signature.


I try with my fantasy. and if it is for you 2 min work,tell me when you will start to see if you will make a same or a better in 2 min.

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Pisteuw i deksia pleura einai gia ton peo Ps Prospathise perissotero


pistebo oti den ise ke o kataliloteros gia na me krinis.ke apo oti thimame ke i server signature sou dikia mou itan;p

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Exei sxesi ayto..?pfff

O kathenas einai katalilos na krinei dioti exeis idi ftiaksei ti signature kai pleon einai se opion aresei kai se opion oxi......

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ty ...

i dont wanna be mean mate im trying to help.

Join some gfx forums and try to find HQ renders ^^.

Just dont give up.

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