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[L2J] L2 FreeWave


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Server rates:


XP: x3999

SP: x3999

Adena: x3999

Spoil: x1

Drop: x1

Enchant rate: 70%

Blessed enchant Rate: 85%

Safe enchant: +3

Max enchant: +20




Subclass: 10


Global Gatekeeper

NPC Buffer


Farm zones

Class Change NPC

Wedding system

Auto Learn Skills

TvT system

Castle siege 100% work


New things which do not influence balance of game

Sieges every 7 days

Anti-Hack System 100%



Server machine:


RAM: 8192 Mb DDRAM3

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-920 8x 2.66 Ghz

HDD: 2x 750 Gb SATA-2 HDD(Soft RAID0,1)

Internet: 100 mbit/sec


Website: http://www.la2fw.com/index.php

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