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WTS [WTS] Hopzone Vote Reward System !

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Well the vote system is developed my me and its working only for l2.hopzone.net

Its based on votes count not on vote page views !

Here a preview of the configs included at the system.

# --------------------------- #
#         Vote Event          #
# --------------------------- #
# Get vote from hopzone.net and announce in game
# You can give for votes automated rewards
# VoteEvent... True to enable, False to disable
# If disable then all options here are disable
VoteEvent = False

# Ranking site (with vote), only hopzone
# website must have on start "http://" and without "www."
# Like this: http://l2.hopzone.net/lineage2/moreinfo/ServerName/serverId.html
VoteEventSite = 

# Delay for automatic check vote (in minutes)
VoteCheckerDelay = 5

# Announcement text "For next reward we need XX/XX votes!"
# Or "Server have XX votes! You too try that is just a minute!" when VoteRewardType = NONE
VoteCheckerAnnouncement = True

# Delay for automatic announcement with vote (in minutes)
VoteCheckerAnnouncementDelay = 30

# Reward Type:
# NONE - disable
# ENCHANT - for all reward add some % to enchant chance
# RAIDBOSS - spawn raid boss
# ITEM - all players in game get items (only one item per IP, if someone have logged more characters then item get only one)
# RANDOM - Before next reward level random reward (RAIDBOSS, ITEM or EVENT)
VoteRewardType = NONE

# How many vote need server for start counting
VoteRewardStart = 70

# How many vote for one reward
VoteRewardCount = 10

# What type of enchant will have added reward
# Choice what type of enchant will get reward (can be all)
VoteRewardEnchantNormal = False
VoteRewardEnchantBlessed = False
VoteRewardEnchantCrystal = False

# How many more % for one reward
VoteRewardEnchantChance = 1.0

# Enchant Chance not more then XX%
# If more then here stop adding
VoteRewardEnchantMax = 80

# Spawn raid boss in choiced location (if you want that can be moob)

# Raid Boss ID
VoteRewardRaidID = 29001

# Location (X, Y, Z)
VoteRewardRaidLocX = 82540
VoteRewardRaidLocY = 148620
VoteRewardRaidLocZ = -3495

# All players in game get items (only one item per IP, if someone have logged more characters then item get only one)

# Item ID
VoteRewardItemID = 3470

# Item Count
VoteRewardItemCount = 5

The system is created and tested on l2jserver interlude.



The whole system will cost you 15 Euro.

Adaption between chronicles will cost you 5 Euro.

Installing the system in your server will cost you 5 Euro.


Skype - r3altek

MSN, Mail - valeri.lubenov@gmail.com

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